Knives for Spearfishing

Have you ever wanted to combine fishing, hunting, boating and diving? Here is your opportunity to do it all at the same time.

Spearfishing isn’t some recent trend. The urge to bite a fish certainly dates back thousands of years. Back in the days when hungry men and women first peeked into the water and saw these beautiful and tasty creatures just out of reach. As soon as they figured out how to see underwater, the spearfishing was on. Although spearfishing is a similar activity all over the world. It is as different as the destinations where it is practiced. Fish are not the same everywhere. Therefore, the equipment to hunt them is also different. In addition, spear fishing regulations and diving methods vary from country to country and sometimes from state to state.

What is spearfishing?

In our case, it is the act of snorkeling marine fish underwater using a harpoon gun or a foène (fork-shaped harpoon).

Although spear fishing can be done with scuba diving (in some countries) and with many other forms of harpoon. Here we will only deal with spearfishing in apnea using harpoon guns or spearguns. We will explain to you below, everything you need to know about the French legislation which governs sport.

Why go Spearfishing?

Quite simply for its benefits on your physical form. Or stay connected with the fabulous underwater world. In fact you could find a thousand and one reasons for practicing this discipline. Spearfishing is the best way to catch fish. Unlike angling, spearfishing is selective about the fish it can catch. This ability to calibrate the fish before it is slaughtered explains why spearfishing does not have bycatch. Bycatch is non-target fish that is caught as a result of another method of fishing.

Bigger fish are another reason to spear fishing. The average size of fish caught is much larger than that of fish caught by traditional angling.

What Equipment Do You Need for Spearfishing?

The spear fishing equipment you use will largely depend on your surroundings. So, equipments you use for spearfishing along the piers in the Gulf of Lion, will not necessarily be the same as what you would use in spearfishing locations in the Caribbean or off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean Pointe du Raz.

Knives however remains almost same cause there are few things that you’ll do with it.

Knives for Spearfishing

A good spearfishing knife is like any good kitchen knife:

  • always sharp,
  • durable
  • does not rust.

A knife is not necessarily necessary for a beginner. However, it is essential safety equipment for hunting.

Imagine you spear a fish 12 meters away and it starts swimming around you. Entangling yourself in the line of your rifle. With a knife you can cut the line and rise to the surface safely.

Some people think that the primary purpose of the knife is to kill fish. However, this should only be done when needed, in order to avoid attracting possible predators.

Quality is also an essential part of any good spear fishing knife. Many knives on the market lose their sharpness and rust quite quickly. Which can be a problem if, for example, you get tangled up and need to cut the line.

This is why care must be taken to prioritize quality rather than price.

What is The Difference Between A Regular Fishing Knife and A Fillet Knife?

Some tips for a good start to spearfishing

Spearfishing has been a part of life for millennia. Once practiced for survival, this ancient hunting technique has evolved into a sport popular around the world. Technological advancements aside, spearfishing hasn’t really changed over the centuries. However, successfully hunting is not easy , especially if you have just started the practice.

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