Friday , July 10th 2020
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Hunting Knives that Work

If you hunt, fish, camp or do anything outdoors and want to survive one of the tools to that survival or having a successful outing will be a knife. The history of knives has evolved since the being of man and the Stone Ages. When Hunters and Gatherers used sharpen edged broken off pieces of stone like a knife or the blade they held in their hand. Other primitive knives were made of animal bones and sea-shells sharpen using a stone. Sometime along the way, a man started to fasten a wooden handle onto their makeshift blade before the time of ancient Egyptians. Then there was the Bronze era around the time of our Greek ancestor’s knife blades were made of bronze. When the Romans were in command steel was used for blades. We use different forms of steel but, even today most knives are made of steel.

The Parts of a Knife, most of us think there is a blade and a handle that is what makes a knife but, there are other parts that are important in the makeup of a knife.

The point of a knife is the very tip of the blade it can be a clip point, drop point, bowie and Gut hook to name a few.

The Tang, this is the extension of the blade that fits into the handle. A folding knife does not have a tang because the blade is not inside the handle.

The Bolster is the thicker part of the blade that is against the handle.

The Sharpening Angle is the angle from the edge of the blade to where the knife can be sharpened. A dagger sharpening angle is from the edge of the blade to the middle of the blade on both sides. The sharper the knife, the lower the angle and longer the surface area is needed to be sharpened.

The Profile is the basic shape of the blade.

The Pommel or Butt is the weighted end of the knife some knife use this weight to blade knife. With the blade being made of steel and the handle out of wood or a lighter material the blade end would feel heavy toward the point making it harder to carry and use.

The type of cut the knife makes when used or groove it cuts is called a Kerfs. (A cut or the width of a cut made by an ax, saw, or cutting tool)

Type of Knives

Clip Point Gerber folding knife

Clip Point Gerber folding knife

Hunting Knives: Fixed Blade, Folding blade, Skinning Blade, Gut Hook Blade, Bone saw blade, Serrated blade and even the Arkansas toothpick or better known as the Bowie knife is used for hunting.

Gerber Gator fillet

Gerber Gator fillet knife

Fishing Knives or Fillet knives are used for cleaning fish and are used in hunting for deboning the meat.

LMF Gerber Survival Knifw

LMF Gerber Survival Knife

Survival Knife or military knife are used to survive in many application of the wild.

Proper Care of any Knife

Like anything made of steel, if you what it to last you will need to take proper care of it. After using any knife you will want to clean it as soon as you can. Hunting and fishing or even cooking knives the blood, body fluids, scales and meat are very hard or corrosive to the blade and metal parts of your knife. Wash it and dry it and store it away.

Use your knife as the tool it was meant to be for. If you need something to pry with use a pry bar if you need something to dig with, get a shovel of a sharp stick. A Knife is a knife.

The most important in the proper care of your knife is keeping it sharp. There are many ways to keep your knife sharp. My mother would use her crock pot lid and run the blade of her meat cutting knives across the top of that crockpot until all of the knives were sharp and ready to be used for butchering the beef or hog and when she one of having trouble in the process she would take that knife hand you a sharp one shake her head and go sharpen that knife. There are many different sharpeners out there, some are great, and some can ruin that favorite knife you are so proud of. This is a matter of personal choice. I use a hand stone to sharpen my favorite pocket, hunting, fishing, and cooking knives. I use Pedestal mount sharpening kit for the everyday steak knives it is quicker than and not as personal as when I use the hand wet stone for my favorite knives.

Owning a Knife it is a bonding or rite of passage towards becoming a hunter and not just a gatherer. Can you remember being a young man or woman sitting on a stump whittling a stick into a very small toothpick, making mothers shake at the thought of you cutting your finger off in the process? Learning to respect and use the tool, a knife the way it was intended to be used.