Monday , October 19th 2020
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Spyderco Cricket Review

The Spyderco Cricket is a deceivingly small knife. So small that, even knowing its exact dimensions, I was still surprised by its diminutive size. Like I said though, it’s deceiving. While not ideal for self-defense or hunting-related tasks, it excels at most utility purp... Read more

Hunting Knives that Work

If you hunt, fish, camp or do anything outdoors and want to survive one of the tools to that survival or having a successful outing will be a knife. The history of knives has evolved since the being of man and the Stone Ages. When Hunters and Gatherers used sharpen edged ... Read more

Hen & Rooster8 Stag Handled Hunting Knife Review

First off, let me say I like Hen & Rooster knives. I enjoy doing hunting knife reviews on their products because I’m a big fan of their company. But as far as knives in general go, I’m getting sick and tired of manufacturers with many decades of upstanding quality in ... Read more

Gerber Fastdraw Knife Review

Ever since I was a very young man, I have owned a pocket knife. My father had given me a small Old Time pocket knife that folded to less than 3 inches. I can still remember whittling a piece wood into a floating goose on my first Clubs Scout camping trip it also was less ... Read more

Spyderco Native Review

Last year, I purchased a Spyderco Native with a black blade for display. As with all of my display knives, I had to play with it for a few hours before putting it away. Having left a good first impression, I bought another one, and the Native immediately earned a place in... Read more