Monday , September 21st 2020
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Buck Hunting Knives

When it comes time to strike out into the wild to hunt down some big game animals or to try to catch that large and legendary big fish in your favorite lake, it is a good idea to bring the best outdoor equipment that you will need for such a venture. You can take along any of the line of Buck hunting knives, ensuring that you have some of the best quality hunting knives along with you.

One of the things that set Buck hunting knives apart from other types of fixed blade hunting knives is their distinctive shapes. The shape and edging on each model of knives made by Buck are carefully researched for optimal performance for their specific use and then designed to meet those needs and the exacting standards of the company.

In addition, the line of Buck Knives is also reputed to be made from the best of materials that they can source. The Buck Company uses the best metals available from which they forge the blades for their knives. As a result, the Buck blades stay sharper longer and in turn this means less honing to maintain the cutting edge.

The Buck Company is acknowledged to be one of the premier hunting knives manufacturers and they have been in business since the early 1940’s. The founder of the company, Hoyt Buck, was a blacksmith in Kansas and developed a new technique for heat-treating steel so that the metal would stay sharp much longer than typical tools of the day. At first, Buck used these techniques to help keep the tools of local farmers sharp and to keep them from breaking, which had been a frequent problem in the area he served.

Later, Mr. Buck took this technology and adapted it to making fixed blade knives for hunting and other outdoor endeavors, as well as for kitchen cutlery. During the Second World War, he even donated fixed blade knives to the government, setting up a special manufacturing operation in the basement of a church in order to produce knives for the troops.

In 1947, Hoyt Buck and his son Al, moved to San Diego, California, and set themselves up as quality manufacturers of hunting knives under the name of H. H. Buck & Son. The Buck line of knives were all handmade and so they were more expensive than mass-produced hunting knives and cutlery of the day. However, the quality shone through and people have been willing to pay the extra price for the quality since that humble beginning.

The most popular of the Buck hunting knives has long been the Buck Folding Hunter Model #110. Even though this model was first produced in the 1960’s, it is still a popular knife today. These knives have a four-inch blade, a special release that requires low pressure to trigger it, and a high tension lock for excellent usability and safety. For hunting, if you prefer a fixed blade knife, then there are several models of that type to choose from as well.